Homesharing is all about people helping each other.  A homeowner rents a spare bedroom to an individual with compatible interests and lifestyle.  Both people benefit from the arrangement, and often grow to be fast friends.  Here’s a sample homesharing program: HomeShare Vermont

For homesharing to be successful, the homeowner and prospective tenant must be “matched” for compatibility.  Both parties should have background checks, and the tenant should have a reliable source of income.  A formal written agreement and some coaching on how to accommodate each other is very helpful.

An active homesharing program in Clark County would help alleviate our shortage of affordable housing by making better use of existing housing.  Right now, however, we don’t have any program to find compatible matches, do background checks, help the parties write agreements, and provide advice.

If you’re interested in homesharing on your own, we recommend you read this guide from the very experienced Vermont Homeshare program:

Our group, Faith Partners in Housing, is looking at ways to create a homesharing program within Clark County by working in stages.  For instance, a pilot project might start by supplying the background checks and agreement drafts to people who have already considered living with each other. If you’d like to help this vision become reality, contact Denny Scott. See Contact Us page for details.